May Mini-Bus

Friday, May 16, 2008

As Ryan Whetung says:  "There's nothing MINI about it!"

I heard that this huge wave was in and made the drive from the city to check it out before my Victoria Day long weekend.  As per my usual routine at Bussy, I paddled over and got out to work the rope.  I like to take my turn on the rope first to watch others getting on and to take a good look at the wave before I try it myself.

Being the rusty paddler I am this spring, I worked the rope for a while and then decided to just take pictures.  I had broken my paddle on this same wave last year, and it was still pretty chilly.  I just didn't want a swim and was getting over a brutal cold.

The wave was as awesome as it always was, and I stayed until almo
st dark before heading to my cozy home in the Burg that I don't get to spend that much time in.